Glad Tidings International School (GTIS)

GTIS aims to bless,  equip and empower Cambodia's children with quality education in a nurturing environment, providing a holistic education for academic excellence and development of the whole person based on Christian principles. We are committed to building students to be Servant Leaders, Pillars, and a Strategic People for the nation of Cambodia.

Secure & Loving Environment

We believe in providing a secure and loving environment for the students to enhance the acquiring of knowledge and also learning to live in harmony with one another.

Working with Students’ Families

Parents’ discipline, care and love for their children are factors that affect their children’s performance in school.  Hence, we believe in working closely with the parents.  Home visits are made by the teachers to build relationship with students’ families, understand students’ background and to receive and give feedback.  Parent-Teacher Meetings are also organized to achieve a strong partnership with families to raise good students.